Oakdale Financial Services Ltd

Partner Practice of St. James's Place Wealth Management

Andy Pilgrim, Partner Development Manager

Andy has a wealth of experience in both an advising and business development capacity. He is involved regularly in the growth and support of our practice to help provide an exceptional client experience. Andy works closely with our team to support their development, helps coach, enhance knowledge, consultative with business decisions and helps manage risk within the business effectively.

Neil Deshpande, Business Acquisition Manager

Neil has 28 years experience in the Financial Services industry and has held senior management roles with HBOS, Lloyds, RBS and NatWest before joining SJP in 2016. Neil also holds the regulated qualifications in addition to a Masters in Business and Management so is well versed in all areas of financial planning. Neil supports our practice with our growth plans with a focus on recruiting high quality advisers.

Ian Price, Divisional Director of Pensions

Ian has worked in the Pension Industry for over 35 years is a member of the Pension and Saving Committee at the ABI . He often comments and writes articles for the press on all areas of the Pensions Market and is responsible in making sure that Partners within St. James's Place are up to speed on all issues surrounding the Pensions Market.

Obi Nnochiri, Head of Tax & Technical Support

Obi has a wealth of experience in the areas of Tax & Trust Planning*. He is involved in client meetings and provides technical expertise and support to Individuals and Business Owners who have the need to have the most sophisticated financial planning.

Gavin McGhee, Asset Management Consultant

Gavin has worked in the Asset Management Division of St. James's Place for many years and frequently gets involved in liaising directly with Fund Managers and observing Investment Committee Meetings.